First Things First

Well. It is time. I have been lurking on the blogosphere for long enough and I feel like I need to express myself.

I want more. Something better. Something that is not broken or incomplete. Just…better.

For a long time now I have been of the opinion that I would know it when I saw it. I have looked around and found elements that are components of what I want and I have spent hours being frustrated, disheartened, loathsome and disappointed in the preparation that I have had for this game that they call teaching. As I am well into my fourth go-around with this routine, I am seeking a “better wheel” and the complacency that seems to come to laborers when doing a task for a certain time has not hit me yet, leaving me longing for more and searching in vain for an answer to the questions that I have in pedagogy and resources to answer my question.

I find myself squeezing the dry rinds of the traditional pedagogy as I have sapped the reservior of 3×5 cards, worksheets and foldables in my search for something that is equally engaging, effective and rigorous enough to prepare students for the life of math that they have ahead of them. I am dissatisfied with what I have, although I am working on my systems, and I seek to make something…well..better. I am not so naive to think that I am going to find the answer in my non-existent audience or in the Twitter feed or in the blogroll of some educational guru. I am certain, though, that some good can come out of this experiment, and time-allowing, I will hopefully chronicle something of value in these pages to the end that I can grow as an educator and can help to advance the ideas of education in some small way.

I thank those whose ideas have inspired me so far, and I want to encourage the internet community to keep compiling ideas and working for good. I know there is something better out there and I thank those of you who are seeking something better as well. I feel compelled to keep stretching toward the horizon of understanding and I truly feel that there is something better out there to be had for the kids who desperately need something engaging and challenging if they are going to be better themselves, not just in math but in life.

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