(Digital) Curriculum

Me and the digital curriculum:

I have a job. I teach math. I also dabble in the world of teacher technology integration. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Things I love:
1. I love that technology opens doors for exploration and makes the world accessible to kids. 
2. I love that each student at my school has an iPad, I can expect a basal level of tech-savvy-ness, well, at very least, I can expect internet access at school.
3. I love the autonomy that I have to plan lessons and integrate technology as I see fit. 
4. Browsing Blogs. I love seeing other teachers make really cool stuff. Like the ones here. and here, and the list goes on. I get the opportunity to research them and integrate the technology that they use. 

Things I hate:
1. Questions like, “how do I turn this on” and statements like, “that thing never works for me” (when I have had it work before).
2. The number of ideas I get from other teachers that I do not have the time to honor with the proper execution in my own classes. 
3. Finding activities post-facto that would have been awesome. 
4. Doing kids a disservice by not providing them with something that helps them grow in some way. 

All that being said, I did a presentation for the teachers at my school about ipad integration, but it has become a motto for me for anything that I do in my classroom (at least, I aim for it to be for everything). It is a list of priciples that is being shaped by my research and reading, as well as the need for problems to be complex and engaging in this ever-changing world of technology and 1-to-1 thinking. 

Here is a summary:


I am trying to add to and tweak this list everyday as I work with kids and try to help them become lifetime learners. 

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