Closed Captioning

I had this idea. I wanted a great little video that showed a polygon (pentagon, hexagon) being broken into congruent triangles and flying around, then fade into a close-up of one of the triangles and  BAM! the formula appears, the area is found and the recently solved-for triangle with area reassembles with its duplicates to fill in the total shape. 

 Two hours later…I found something close.

Only one problem.

It is in Spanish.

So…I improvised. I had them do a “closed captioning activity” where they took the video in Spanish and made a tutorial set of instructions on “how to find the area of a polygon” using a set of screenshots that I put together and a 1:15 clip of this video

 I allowed them to re-watch as many times as necessary and I circulated to facilitate discussion of the concept. It was pretty awesome. They got the concept without words and they owned the process.

Here is how it worked: 

I had them watch 0:45 to 2:00 ( this video) and fill out the slides below (in groups) as they watched.





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