Lesson Makeover

I am working on my Master’s Project and I am working with the science department to help integrate the iPad into their classroom instruction. In the process, I am hoping to measure the increase of their confidence after doing some 1 on 1 professional development. So far, the responses have been really great. Students are more engaged, teachers feel that they are getting better discussion, and 

Biology Class:

Slide 1: Definition of entomology: the study of bugs. 
(teacher talks about definition, cites Webster)
Slide 2: Characteristics
(teacher talks about characteristics)
Slide 3: Examples/Pictures
(teacher talks about examples and pictures they selected.
Slide 4: Habits
(teacher talks about habits)

(silence from students)


Part 1: What is Entomology?
(students research the topic on the internet, rows compile a “top 10 list” of words that define “entomology”, send them to teacher via email)
Part 2: What are the Characteristics?
(while teacher makes a word cloud of “top 10’s”, students try to find the grossest bug on the internet. Curiosity ensues…it got pretty gross…)
Part 3: Discussion
Teacher posts word cloud over the projector, class discusses “top 10’s”…students interested because “hey, that was my word!”. Opportunities to discuss examples and non-examples provided.
Part 4: Examples/Pictures
(students show their examples over the projector – they are hideous – discussion about the given traits that make them gross/interesting/beautiful/crazy. Examples and non-examples included. Student choice, voice and interest involved. Discussion about traits/habits and general “insect stuff”. 

It went pretty well. Students are still talking about the difference between “that huge beetle” and “that awesome larvae”, as well as why that spider is not an insect…




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