It is still summer. For 1.5 more days. I am savoring it, believe me. With our son that came in May and all of the hours that we have been able to spend with him, it is going to be tough to go back, so I am savoring the time that we have left before meetings and classes, students and iPads.

Though, as I sit here, I am getting the itch to do something. We have adopted the Big Ideas Curriculum from HMH for this year to use with the Middle School, and the thought of teaching Systems of Equations to 8th graders seems daunting, but I am genuinely, excited…

I know that I will eat these words in 2 months when I am overwhelmed with stuff to do, but I think that this year, I may try a 180 blog, more projects and perhaps some 20%-type time. Maybe do some student blogs and work on the functionality of my learning space. I want to chronicle this year to hold myself more accountable for doing meaningful class work that makes kids think and helps them really own their learning.

I am savoring the summer, but scheming for the fall. I think I may like this teaching thing…I think I may even miss it…though I do enjoy the summer…

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