Should I have used Instagram?

So, I gave this project called the “Find-a-gon” project for my geometry classes. They were supposed to go out and find polygons that fit into certain categories. It is a multi-part project that we will use for the rest of the year to showcase knowledge of shapes. Here is part 1:

Part 1: 

(find one convex and one concave of each from the first 7, ONE from the convex group must be regular)
Right triangle
Acute triangle
Obtuse triangle
Part 1 Guidelines:
1. Shapes must be found not made, they may not be taken from an image search or be any “textbook” images.
2. You must use a drawing program to “mark up” the shapes with its attributes. (how do I KNOW its obtuse?)

Obviously, you cannot find a concave triangle, but that just opens up a discussion as to “why”. The point of the project is to get kids to find and show knowledge of Geometric vocabulary.

In the past, I have had them present their favorite 2, or ALL (not recommended) shapes. It is a good way for them the “speak math”, get up and present and showcase some work.

This year, I added a twist – they would have to submit their favorite to me and their classmates would vote on their favorite (most interesting/creative). I used a Google form and embedded them into a website:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 3.33.01 PM

I think they liked it. They voted and talked about the photos, even caught a couple of mistakes. There were no names on the photos, so it was anonymous. I think they liked seeing if they won. They all asked who won and when I told them, some seemed disappointed (and one excited, obviously).

I just wonder if I should have tried to use Instagram. I think it would have been gimmicky, but maybe not. I REALLY wish I had a way for students to submit pictures to me and display them as one big group, anonymously or with names added for ease of display/grading. That is another post for another time (called, “why I wish I could program computers/apps”).

Was the work worth it for this activity. It probably took me 10 minutes to get them all ready to vote. I don’t know, but I think it may have been better than trying to cram this assignment into an Instagram package.

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